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2008 Calendar


Chief Troublemaker
After the success of this years calendar by the lunatics on the CBR600 forum, and suggestion from Shelia ( aka Fakeblonde ) we will do 2 next year, one with males and one females, also they will be from the whole of the Oracle family. The proceeds will, like this years, go to the Yespar Fund :)

The rules will be same as this year

1, have to be able to see your face, all else is up to you, but beware of out right porn

2, has to be bike related.

3, to be high resolution

4, we only need 24, so get thinking

you can get together with friends or on your own, pictures will have to be with me by September at the latest, any pics not up to standard will be sent back,
I'm putting this up now so those that want to take part have time to think about the picture they want to submit and the weather will start warming up soon

if your interested, please PM or email me and i'll let you have an address to sent piccies to :)