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Bike Medic

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The services of Muppet, our very own Club Bike Medic:

"Hi, basically Bike Medic is a smart repair system that deals with any kind of cosmetic repair to your bike, from the smallest scratch to completely wrecked fairings and panels. Anything from stone chips to dented tanks, cracked, scuffed and broken fairing panels to complete bike resprays.

Although I'm based down in the South, if you don't mind sending panels by post I'm happy to do the repair and send them back to you at my cost for the return postage.

Whilst I want to offer a discount to Bikers Oracle Sponsors, it's hard to be specific as there's no set rate for a repair, each one being different. What I will do is let you know the price before I start any work, and endeavour to keep that price as reasonable as possible for Sponsors. Typically, if you have a Honda VFR side panel with a crack or two in it, it would usually mean a plastic weld repair to the cracks, respray the affected area with it's original colour, then re lacquer the whole panel which would cost around ?80 - ?120.

Usual turnaround time would be about a 5 - 7 days as you need to allow the lacquer 2 - 3 days to fully harden before packaging up.

If you're not too far away, get in touch and I'll come up and see you and pick the panel up. Unfortunately, all but the smallest srcatch will require me taking the panel and doing it at my workshop, it simply isn't practical to try spraying out in the open!

I can be contacted by e-mail: muppet@hondavfrclub (please ensure you put 'Bike Medic' as the Subject title). You are welcome to send pictures of the damage to your bike, I'll then try and give youa close estimate of the cost of repair from them.

If you wish to call me, please do so on 0780 320 4338, but please only do so during working hours, otherwise you'll jusdt get my voicemail.

Hopefully, you'll never need my services, but should you do, I'm sure I can save you a lot of money against the cost of new panels. Thanks, Clive (aka Muppet)."