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Bikers Oracle Tours 2008


Herr OberGruppenFuhrerReiseWancer
Hi Guys,

Next years Bikers Oracle Tours are now published and available for booking. Following on from the success of this year's tours we've increased the destinations and have put together a great programme of 7 tours to Europe.

If you've never considered going on an organised tour before, let me explain a little of what it's about - you may find yourself itching to go on one.

On all of our tours we include almost everything you need or want to ensure you have a great time. Here's what's included:
  • Eurotunnel crossings where applicable (if you wish to make alternative arrangements we can deduct this cost).
  • Motorail journeys (on some of our tours we use the Motorail service to get us to the heart of the best biking areas in Europe)
  • Hotel accommodation. This always includes breakfast and on all but a very few occasions a full 3 or 4 course dinner too.
  • Great company! I've got to say that on all the tours we've run to date, the company (in other words you, the Guests) has been absolutely superb. These tours are as much about the social event as the riding and we always have a great time in the evenings recounting the days ride over dinner and a few beers.
  • Full GPS routing for Tom Tom and Garmin SatNav systems.
  • The services of 2 or more Bikers Oracle 'staff' throughout your tour. We operate the Drop-Off system on our tours and these guys will be your Leader & Tec as well as being there to make sure you get everything out of the tour that you want.
  • New for 2008 - all our 'staff' will be qualified IAM or RoSPA riders and will be trained in the First Biker on Scene (FBoS) system of first-aid.
If the thought of being on an 'organised' tour leaves you a little cold then you can pretty much please yourself on our trips. You don't have to ride with the group, your most welcome to make your own way to the hotel and just enjoy the road at your own pace.

So, if I've managed to whet your appetite, either click on the 'Tours' link at the top of the page and have a good look around the Tours forum, or simply click the link below to go straight to the tours themselves. Don't hesitate too long though, they're selling out fast and we only have a limited number of spaces on each trip.

Hope to see you on one very soon


If anyone has any questions about any aspect of the trips please feel free to post here, or better still e-mail me on tours@bikersoracle.com