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cruise control

After a recent injury to my right hand, I know i would find cruise control a great help on my 2006 FJR can anyone advise me what is a good one where to purchase one and how to go about fitting it? regards Ken


Beaky Farkler
Hi Ken,

You probably guessed that not too many folk pass through these portals so my apologies for the delay in replying.

I have an arthritic condition and as you suggest I find that a throttle friction lock helps very much on those long motorway stretches as it allows me to open my hand and stretch a bit.

I have a 2008 bike and I tried to fit the lever style lock I had on my old 2002 but it didn't fit. I now have a Throttlemeister sitting in the garage awaiting fitting. This is in the form of a pair of heavy bar ends (if you don't have these already they will also help your hands by reducing vibes), one of which containes a collar which, when you rotate the bar end, engages with the end of the throttle collar causing some friction. The throttle won't close on its own but you can roll it shut. The throttlemeister also rotates to the off position in the same direction as the throttle so it's fairly safe to use. I haven't used on like this before but they are pretty popular.

A word of warning though - make sure you turn it fully off once you get into the twisties so that the brakes aren't fighting against the throttle at any time.

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