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Fixing a RAM mounting ball for my GPS setup.


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Well, having looked at the multitude of different solutions I opted to try the simplest for the BO Austria tour and it worked a treat. I needed a bit of luck however and for once luck was on my side.......


1. RAM-B-252 mirror mount from gpsw.co.uk @ 10 gbp
2. M8 x 50 S/S bolt (a couple of euros from the local DIY store)
3. 2 washers to compensate for the 11mm mounting hole on item 1
4. A suitable spacer to sit between the handlebar and the underside of the mount.

Ah! theres the problem - a suitable spacer. What I need is something like those old Fazer grab rail spacers I've got knocking about in my bits box. OMG!! :eek: they're a perfect fit into the handlebar and a perfect height for the mount. I just turned scrap metal into gold :D

A picture paints a thousand words as they say so the following show how it all hangs together. Ignore the nut on the final pic. It just keeps all the bits together..................

The mount really keeps everything out of the wind / weather although I do slide an Aquapac (minus its plastic lock) over the whole caboodle if it looks like heavy rain.

I tightened the bolt to 25 NM torque (std bolt is 23 NM) and finally, I opted for the left side position as I figured that the tacho was the instrument I could most easily do without. I just need that 6th sense to figure out when I'm in top and not to go hunting for 6th :rolleyes:


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Alan Sh

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I did it my way (as they sing in the mountains)

I already had a plate which I used on my VFR. My FJR came with a Garmin mounting block so I just drilled some holes in the plate and used that. The results look like the photos below.
The way I have it, I can see all the instruments.

I still have to sort out power for the Ipaq but I know where to take the feed (the input to the emergency flasher switch).



Beaky Farkler
I already had a powerlet socket mounted under the seat so I bought the right angled powerlet plug with an extendion lead to their cigar lighter sized socket. If I'm not using the baglux bag then the front clips hold it nicely in place. With the bag in place, the cables just sit behind the clips, under the bag. It's fairly neat but the powerlet was fitted directly across the battery so isn't switched with the ignition. At first I was concerned about this but in fact it lets me;
a. Charge the PDA overnight under the seat if required (long story)
b. I bought the appropriate Optimate accessory and can charge the battery via the same point when the bike's in the garage.