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If you havent done .....


Beaky Farkler
... the FJR drive spline greasing job detailed on FJRTech.com then I thoroughly recommend you put aside around an hour and a half to two hours to get it done and soon!.

Mine's a 2002 bike and the pumkin to wheel splines had been lubed but the end of the drive shaft was dry as a bone and already showing signs of surface corrosion. It cleaned up easily and is now protected :yo:


Beaky Farkler
Its nearly a year since I did this and at the same time I changed the oil in the final drive. I thought it was time to do it again and Boy was I ever right. the oil that came out was blacker than very black stuff seen at night at night!!

Alan Sh

Banned Users
I have to admit that I change the rear drive fluid every time I change the oil. It's not expensive and takes an extra 10 mins.