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Optimate 4 Battery Charger

Hi, I've just bought my first Yamaha 1300, 2008 model. I'm only a fine weather user. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with some quesions regarding the Optimate 4 battery charger which I am just about to buy. My quesion is can I charge the battery using the adapter in the small compartment on the left upper fairing. I always call these adapters cigarette lighter port but that's not what it is. Any help on this would be appreciated. Also, where's the battery and how can I access it as the previous owner never gave me the owners manual.​
Hi John. As you've probably found out by now, the socket in the glove box is not powered when the ignition is off so you can't use it to charge the battery.
The battery is located under the black infill panel on the right side of the instrument pod. Remove 4 mushroom bolts and ease it out carefully, the battery is underneath.
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